About Meet the Author

Meet the Author is an organized collective of authors located in Western Mass. Other independent chapters may sprout up within New England as desired and/or needed, yet we may still work together on larger book selling venues. But for now, this is the first and only chapter.

We meet the first Saturday every other month in the home of a participating author to discuss sales tips and to join forces to sell books in bigger venues like the Boston Book Festival. One of our visions is to launch and run the first major book festival in Springfield. We will be having an intimate event with our authors only at the Bing Arts Center in November as a trial run.

If you are an author in Western Mass or Northern Connecticut, we'd love to hear from you. You can come to meetings and share your ideas and writing passion and also become a paid member. There are advantages to being a paid member that can be discussed with you. Dues is $24 annually.

Contact Publicity Coordinator, Courtney Vail at  luvfisk at yahoo dot com.

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